About Us

Anatomical Education Pty Ltd is an Australian not-for-profit company founded by Dr Ea Mulligan and Dr Suzanne Belton. Dr Ea Mulligan from Flinders University said,

‘A lot of medical students and doctors I have handed the models to have said ‘Oh I didn’t know it was as big as that’, because it’s been diminished in the medical literature. It’s just a beautiful case study on the invisibility of women’s concerns in science, in medicine.’

It is used by nursing, midwifery, medical educators, sexual health practitioners, relationship counsellors, therapists, abortion providers, family planning workers, and specialists.

When Mulligan studied medicine in the 1970s, she was working from an anatomy textbook that had one page on vulvar anatomy and five pages of penises from every possible angle.

Artist Karen Zipkas

Our Vision

We are feminist scientists and health professionals and respect scientific findings that include and value women’s embodied experiences. 

We consider the environment and try to use products that do not damage the earth. Send back our products when you don’t want them anymore and we will reuse them.

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